As part of our ongoing LEED series, we wanted to give a shoutout to four manufacturers that are making energy efficiency a priority by becoming LEED certified. LEED-certified manufacturers occupy a special space where the 179D tax deduction meets the R&D Tax Credit. Many manufacturers’ everyday activities may qualify for additional savings through the R&D Tax Credit. Click here to learn more.

LEED Platinum: Method Soap Factory, Chicago, Ill.

via Method Home

Method, a planet-friendly household, fabric, and personal care products manufacturer just recently opened their LEED Platinum-certified plant, the South Side Soapbox, in the Pullman Park historic district of Chicago, Illinois. The plant features a 230-foot wind turbine to help generate half of the building’s annual electrical consumption and three 35 x 35-foot solar tracking trees in the parking lot, which follow the sun to maximize energy generation throughout the day.

Urban agriculture company, Gotham Greens, has partnered with Method to use 75,000 square feet of the roof to create a commercial-scale greenhouse, producing up to 500 tons of produce for the local community each year.

LEED Platinum: Volkswagen Plant, Chattanooga, Tenn.

via WordlessTech

According to Auto Alliance, Volkswagen’s first U.S.-based car manufacturing facility was awarded the LEED Platinum certification, making it also the first automotive manufacturing plant in the world to make the LEED Platinum list. All VW Passat models, including the eco-conscious Passat TDI Clean Diesel, are being manufactured at the Chattanooga plant. Some of the features that this facility boasts include an ultra-clean paint shop that saves 50 million gallons of water per year, superior insulation saving 720,000 kilowatts per year, and LED lighting on the exterior resulting in 68% less energy used.

LEED Gold: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Factory, Middleton, Tenn.

via ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas

Just this year, ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s 50-year old factory in Middleton, Tennessee, earned the LEED Gold certification for existing buildings. The upgrades to the existing factory will be saving over three million kilo-watt hours each year. Upgrades include a new HVAC system (shown above) that pumps in enough outside air to fill 2,880 hot air balloons every day for a year, a building management system allowing remote control of the temperature in the plant at all times, and the elimination of all potable water irrigation by using native grasses and retention areas.

LEED Silver: Intel Ocotillo Campus – Chandler, Ariz.

via Jason Wise and the U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council reports that Intel Corporation‘s Ocotillo Semiconductor Manufacturing Campus in Chandler, Arizona, is one of the first existing and operating campuses of semiconductor manufacturing in the world to receive LEED Silver certification. The campus includes three wafer fabrication plants; two central utility plants that house chillers, boilers, waste, and wastewater treatment; three office buildings with cafés; two process waste buildings; one sort manufacturing building; and one emergency generator building.